Mission and Institutional Objectives

Mission Statement

To set the standard for educating excellent entry-level and continuing practitioners of the midwifery arts and sciences within the biodynamic model, integrating a solid framework of traditional knowledge and practices with a variety of therapeutic approaches.

Institutional Objectives

  • To educate students in a knowledge base that is current, evidence-based, and offers multiple perspectives.
  • To encourage students to integrate their intellect, senses, intuition, and judgment in learning situations.
  • To prepare students to be able to provide individualized care.
  • To offer programs based on the principles of the biodynamic model.
  • To provide opportunities for students to acquire a toolbox of various therapeutic modalities.
  • To train students in skills that are necessary for providing thorough, safe, and sensitive care. Such training should include experience with continuity of care and with mentored relationship.
  • To offer credentials that will provide the community with biodynamic practitioners and teachers.
  • To encourage and support students to reach their educational and professional goals.
  • To encourage an evolving awareness of professional ethics and relationships among staff, students, faculty, and clients.
  • To encourage and support students to become change agents in their communities.
  • To create and foster an environment of diversity and acceptance.
  • To create educational program structures that encourage balance among relationships, career, and personal needs.
  • To teach students skills that will prepare them for their professional lives.
  • To provide students, faculty, and the public with a location, materials, and assistance for research and study, including a subject specific research library.
  • To provide opportunities for continuing education for practitioners serving women and their families.
  • To engage in activities related to public education concerning biodynamic peri-natal and well-woman care, and to provide midwifery and holistic health resources to the community.