Recommended Course Sequence

Lactation Consultation Curriculum

Birthingway does not offer online courses.

Birthingway College of Midwifery's lactation consultation curriculum includes two components:

  • Lactation-specific and elective courses (57 credits)
  • Lactation-specific Clinical Training credit (10-13 credits)

Current Recommended Course Sequence

 Great news!!! 

We can transfer credits earned at an approved institution for the following classes:

Medical Terminology; Anatomy and Physiology; Working Cross-Culturally (Sociology); Infancy; Using Medical Literature and Information Literacy (Statistics); Human Genetics (Biology) and Nutrition. 

Specific criteria needs to be met inlcuding: total number of college credits received must equal the amount of credits offered here at Birthingway and Grade Point Average (of an 85% or above). Contact the Program Coordiantor for details.