LEAARC Lactation Education Course

Birthingway’s  LEAARC approved Lactation Education Course (Breastfeeding I, II, III and Skills sequence) meets the 90 hour requirement to be eligible to apply to sit for the IBCLE exam.  All of our classes are college-level, for-credit classes. Each quarter credit hour equals  30 hours of work on the student's part (in-class, homework, and skills assignments). We also offer many additional lactation specific courses.

Birthingway does not offer any online courses at this time.

Lactation Education coursework

Breastfeeding I (BRF211q) 1 credit hour
Using lecture, discussion, visual aids, and small group activities, this course provides students with basic information about topics including the normal breastfeeding physiology of mother and baby, properties of human milk, risks of formula feeding, recommendations regarding breastfeeding initiation, duration and normal parameters of nursing in the first two weeks, politics of breastfeeding, and influences of culture and birth practices on breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding II (BRF222q) 2 credit hours
Prerequisite: Breastfeeding I (BRF211q)
Students expand on their knowledge from BRF211 to assess and treat breastfeeding problems. Students utilize case studies and research projects to develop skills such as how to take a breastfeeding history of mother and baby, identification of presenting problems, and integrating counseling and education strategies into their breastfeeding support.

Breastfeeding III (BRF313q) 1 credit hour
Prerequisite: Breastfeeding II (BRF222q)
Case studies and development of protocols deepen students' knowledge of breastfeeding counseling. Students focus on more complex situations including failure to thrive and infant hypoglycemia, as well as professional issues such as scope of practice, ethics, and credentials.

Breastfeeding Skills (BFS411q) 1 credit hour
Prerequisite: Breastfeeding II (BRF222q)
Students have an opportunity to develop their hands-on skills by working with nursing women and their babies to demonstrate breast exams, practice supporting a successful latch, and how to use a variety of equipment such as breast pumps and nipple shields.

Please contact the Lactation Program Coordinator for class dates, or see our newsletter for a complete list of class offerings each term. 

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