Martha von Reis

Martha von Reis-Greater Portland Area-
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Through the beautiful births of my two daughters, I have become passionate about helping women and their partners to have positive, satisfying birth experiences. I gave birth to my first daughter while working on my Master of Science degree.  After the birth of my second daughter, I began to focus my efforts on becoming a doula. As such, I feel strongly about helping to educate women about their choices in labor and birth and to act as a non-judgmental advocate for the mother in support of her choices. At the same time, I am a strong advocate for mothers desiring a low intervention birth. These births can result in increased feelings of maternal satisfaction with the birthing process and increased well-being for the mother and for the baby by facilitating breastfeeding and family bonding.

Every birth is unique and the needs of a mother and her partner cannot always be predicted beforehand. I will use my knowledge, training, and compassion to help make the labor and birth process the best that it can. My calm demeanor and grounding presence help to create a peaceful environment for birth. I will provide reassurance and offer suggestions and assistance with comfort measures and positional changes to encourage safe and comfortable progression of labor.