Nicole Bendotoff

-Greater Portland Area-
Phone: 503-737-8620
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With a background in organic farming, I have become quite intimate with the natural cycles of life. From this experience, my transition into work as a doula feels very natural. My decision to become a doula was inspired by an enduring fascination with pregnancy and birth. I believe in the natural, physiological process of birth. Our bodies continually amaze me with their strength, flexibility, adaptability and beauty. I truly enjoy supporting women and their partners during this intimate experience and I learn something new every time. I am currently a midwifery student at Birthingway College of Midwifery.

As a labor doula I provide emotional, physical and educational support for women and their partners through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Prenatal visits are focused on the particular needs of each client, but are ultimately aimed at preparing for birth and the postpartum. During labor I may give massage or pressure, suggest position changes, support the partner’s involvement, help maintain a calm and safe environment, and facilitate communication between clients and caregivers. I offer a calm and grounding presence and honor the decisions my clients make.

Fees: $600 – sliding scale available, please inquire.
Other services: Belly casting, conversational Spanish