Ayna Bliznyuk

Ayna Bliznyuk-Serving the Greater Portland Area-
Phone: 360-756-7920
Email: ayna.bliznyuk@birthingway.edu

Speaks Russian fluently

I am originally from Russia. My bilingual skills can be of great benefit during labor and delivery. I will facilitate communication between you and your provider to enhance your overall birth experience.

My husband and I have four children: three girls and a boy. My first three births were in a hospital setting and the last one was at home with midwives. I have seen both worlds of labor and delivery and understand the need of continuous labor support for women in the hospital setting.

It can make a big difference for your emotional and physical state when you have continuous support from a knowledgeable professional. I will support your choices in labor and birth and will provide my undivided attention to your needs. During our prenatal visits we will talk about things that will bring you comfort and a sense of security and we will plan to incorporate those things in to your birth plan, if you decide to have one.

My faith as a Christian helps me to stay calm in different situations. Knowing Great and Loving God helps me to view labor as a normal and natural process of life. Babies are blessings from God and it is so rewarding to be a part of bringing new life in to this world.

While I am a student I am able to serve Only Russian Speaking Clients.