Chelsea Fardelmann

Chelsea Fardelmann-Serving the Greater Portland Area-
Phone: 603-828-3287

I am an aspiring midwife and pre-nursing student looking to give my time, support and energy to laboring mothers.

My passion for the childbirth experience stems from my love of community and support. The ultimate satisfaction of a birth experience starts with how well a mother or couple feel supported and comforted. Innately I feel adaptable and comforting, while always trying to expand on my knowledge on pregnancy and labor. There is a sea of knowledge surrounding birth, and it can be hard to decipher what kinds of information will work to benefit your birth experience. Once you are informed and empowered you can feel confident in your decision making process. This foundation can help you feel grounded and ready for the labor experience. In the labor room, what ever environment you choose to be in, it is important to stay grounded and open, comforted and ready to surrender.

I want to help women find that foundation and build on it. I am ready to support you through whatever birth experience you choose. I am here to validate your experience and help you sustain your confidence through labor. Whether that be supporting the energy of your partner, by taking care of side projects, helping with breathing techniques or keeping you hydrated. There is an every growing collective of support for you – I will concentrate that support and apply it the best way I know how.

I am available for any kinds of questions you may have over the phone, as well as for 2-3 prenatal visits, support through the entire labor process and 1-2 postpartum visits.