Jen Ames-Brown

-Serving the Portland Metro Area-
Phone: 858-437-2298
Email: Jen

As a labor and delivery doula, I am honored to be able to serve women and families during such a special moment. I believe that no matter what your medical chart says about your child’s birth, with a birth team that empowers you, your experience can be positive.

I’ve been studying and learning about birth for more than five years. My classroom training in Birthingway College of Midwifery’s Labor Doula program provided me with the opportunity develop my skills and knowledge on a deeper level. I am well-versed in unmedicated birth, various coping mechanisms, weighing options for interventions and working with providers.

As a labor and delivery doula, I offer the following:

- 2 prenatal visits during which we get to know each other. We discuss your hopes and wishes for your upcoming birth and what sorts of strategies or tools we might use to achieve it.

- on-call support for 2 weeks prior to your due date and 2 weeks after. We’ll stay in touch via phone or text or email.

- When you’re in labor, I’m available to join you at your home while you labor. When you decide to go to the hospital, I’ll be there to support you until the baby is born. I’m able to help with those first breastfeeds. I usually leave about an hour after the birth.

- 1 or 2 postnatal visits during which we’ll talk about your transition with the new baby. I can help with breastfeeding. We can also talk about your birth and help you complete that story.

In addition to providing support to families during birth, I enjoy offering photography during your labor and delivery.

I especially enjoy working with LGBTQ couples, VBAC mamas, military families and single parents.

The emotions and perceptions of a child’s birth play a very important role in the formation of you as parent and the family as a whole. I look forward to talking with you about your birth and how we can work together!!