Jordanna MacIntyre

I'll be out-of-state from June 26th until about August 19th with limited internet access. I will likely be reachable by phone the majority of that time. Enjoy the summer!
Phone: 925-708-8631

-Greater Portland Area-

I just want to support. Giving birth is an incredible moment in a woman's life that brings her from womanhood to motherhood. I think our society tends to clinicalize this moment, focusing mostly on the medical aspects and forgetting the humanity of it. I want to be your human support, your confidant. Mold to your needs, be it with labor positions, relaxation techniques, or simply retrieving ice chips. If I was pregnant I would want a neutral person that I could lean on. Not a mother, not a partner, but someone who has knowledge of the physical and emotional needs and brings a positive energy to the experience. As a Doula I can be calm and steadfast, yet enthusiastic and always present. I'm ready to be what it is each mother needs and I recognize that, if there is a partner involved, I am there to support them as well.

I have a calling to this work and it is my passion. I hope to help you have the best experience possible leading up to, during, and following this extraordinary rite of passage.

Services offered: Minimum of 2 prenatal visits, on call two weeks on either side of your due date, and at least one postpartum visit.