Kathryn Lechner

-Serving the Portland Metro Area-
Phone: 541-740-8437 (text message OK)
Email: kathryn.lechner@birthingway.edu

As a labor doula, my most important role is to provide support. Every woman, every pregnancy, every birth is unique and what that support looks like from one to the next is tailored to each families needs and desires but can be fairly well summarized into three areas.

The first is informational support. I am familiar with the normal birthing process and with the hospital birth setting. I am an associate’s degree licensed RN (graduated June 2013), planning on pursuing a career in nurse-midwifery. Women’s health, pregnancy, and birth are my passions and I love to share knowledge and explore evidence-based resources for the best information. I can help with determining questions to ask of your provider (doctor or midwife) before you go into labor, so that you can be prepared for what to expect if certain situations arise, and make recommendations for resources to explore on your own.

Next is emotional support. Pregnancy and childbirth are intense experiences and many different emotions come into play. You can strive to expect the unexpected, but it will still be the “unexpected” and come with its own emotional ties. As your doula, I will be there for you (and/or your partner) as you ride the roller coaster that the birthing process can be and as you experience the deep emotions that even the most straightforward birth brings with it, providing gentle encouragement and guidance.

And finally, physical support. Whatever your desires about coping with the bodily demands of the labor process, I am there to support you and to provide tools that could be useful to you. For example, if you will have your partner or another support person with you, I can help them to know how to help you, if desired, or I can be the physical support that frees up a partner/other support person to be present with you emotionally. I will help you to explore coping techniques you might be interested in using during your birth and help you use what works for you when in labor.

Will provide:

  • initial in-person interview
  • two prenatal visits
  • availability for questions/concerns by phone
  • on-call two weeks before and after due date (38 - 42 wks)
  • presence and support during birth
  • one postpartum visit

Thank you for exploring the wonderful option of using a labor doula for your birth!