Lindsey Reschke

Lindsey Moritz-Greater Portland Area-
Phone: 608-335-7359

Speaks beginning to intermediate Spanish

I felt drawn to the doula profession after my own positive birth experience with a doula. I believe in every woman’s right to birth in a supportive environment, surrounded by a team who believes in the laboring woman’s strength and ability to birth her child. My philosophy is simple: whether the birth is cesarean, medicated, or unmedicated, it's hard work. But it is doable.

It is a natural process women have been doing for centuries with other women to guide and support them. I believe that education, physical and emotional preparation, and a support team that the birthing woman feels confident in are the “keys” to realizing the best possible birth experience for each individual woman and her partner.

In our two to three prenatal visits, I will listen to the birth preferences of you and your partner, provide you with unbiased information, work with you on a birth plan, if desired, and help you consider your emotional and physical preparation for labor and delivery.

During labor, I will provide you with continuous physical and emotional support. In the immediate postpartum period I will help you establish a breastfeeding relationship if desired. Finally, I offer two postpartum visits to provide emotional support and help you process your birth experience.

In my spare time I enjoy being a mother to my wonderfully sweet boy, family hikes, baking, sewing, playing with soil, and reading every midwifery / pregnancy / birth / postpartum book and blog I can get my hands on.

Lindsey is presently on maternity leave and accepting clients due in the summer of 2014.