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My journey as a doula began before I even knew the term doula existed. After graduating from college, I decided to join the Peace Corps as a health volunteer in Malawi, SE Africa. Right away I knew I wanted to work with mamas-to-be. I told my supervisor to put me in a village where they needed and wanted to someone to help with maternal health. I couldn’t have asked for a better placement for both the midwife I worked with and myself. The midwife was ecstatic that I was very interested in midwifery and maternal health, so right away she had me help women in labor to stay calm and focused. In the delivery room at the clinic, it was just the midwife, the mama, and me. I was her support system, the one who was there with her through her whole labor and delivery, letting her know that what her body was doing was natural. Seeing birth in such a simple environment opened my eyes to a whole other perspective on birth in the modern world.

Returning from Malawi, I knew I wanted to continue helping women through their birth process, whatever way they felt best for them. So I decided to continue my education to do the same work here. I am currently a midwifery student here at Birthingway.

Women in today’s world have such an opportunity to have the birth experience they want, whether in a hospital, birth center, or home birth. I feel very honored to be a part of that experience and want to be an advocate for you and your partner. I feel that birth is an empowering and transformative process for both mama and partner and want to assist you in any way, whether through massage, offering more optimal positions, relaxation techniques, and partner support. I am very passionate about this work and hope to hear from you soon!

Services provided: 2-3 prenatal visits, on-call 2 weeks before and after your due date, support during early labor through childbirth and the immediate postpartum, 2 postpartum visits to assist with breastfeeding and infant care and to discuss your birth experience. I am also available anytime by phone or email throughout pregnancy.