Find a Postpartum Doula

Birthingway College of Midwifery is committed to training people to become highly qualified postpartum doulas who serve new mothers and babies with competence and compassion. If you are interested in becoming a postpartum doula, please see our Postpartum Doula Program information.

Looking for a doula to assist you after birth? We have listing of both Birthingway certified and student doulas. Our student doulas work on a volunteer basis while they complete their training.  Birthingway reserves our student doulas for low-income families.  In order to qualify for our student doula services, we ask that families fall under the 150%federal poverty guidelines.  Please review the Postpartum Doula FAQ before deciding whether to contact a certified or student doula.  Due to the nature of our program, student doulas generally do not have availabilty to take clients who are more than a month away from their due date while certified doulas can usually schedule much farther out.  If you are in need of a student doula, please contact us after you are 36 weeks (can be earlier for multiples).

If you have a question about Birthingway doulas, a comment on a particular doula, or need any futher information, please use the form below.  Please note that we do not have student doulas available outside of the greater Portland/Vancouver area.

Find A Postpartum Doula