How to Make a Payment

You may pay for a class or workshop, or just make a payment on your student account, using any of the methods below.

Pay by Check or Money Order

We prefer payment by check or money order! When you pay with a check/money order, Birthingway receives your full payment and none of it is "eaten up" by credit card processing fees.

Mail or Bring Checks/Money Orders to:

Birthingway College of Midwifery
12113 SE Foster Road
Portland, Oregon 97266

If you are registering for a class or workshop, be sure to send both your payment AND the registration form - you are not officially registered for your class until we have both these items! If you're not registering for a class, it's helpful if you include a note telling us what you're paying for (e.g. "Jane Smith's Account"). 

If you would like to pay in cash, please come by the school - that way you can be sure your payment isn't lost in the mail!

Pay By Credit Card or Paypal

You must have a PayPal account. If you don't have one, it is free and it will work as soon as you set it up and add your credit card information.

Once you have an account, follow these directions:

  1. Log into PayPal
  2. Click "Send Money" in the menu on the left.
  3. To:
    Amount: Total amount you want to send in US Dollars.
    Check "I'm paying for goods or services"
    Click "Continue"
  4. Scroll down. Make sure the Payment Method is the one you want to use.
    Click "Choose Shipping Address" then select "No Shipping Required"
    Subject: Payment
    Message: The name of the student and a short description of what the payment is for. Example: "Jane Doe, Labor Doula Registration," "Jane Doe, Clinical Training and Course Registration for Spring 2014"
    Click "Send Money"

Failure to follow these directions may result in a delayed payment and late fees.

You should get a confirmation screen and an email that the order has been sent. Print either of those pages and attach them to your registration forms. The printed PayPal receipt is required when submitting your forms.