Birthingway Student Research Paper Topics

LastName, First
Title of Paper Subject Term/Date

Acosta, Sally

Bartholin’s gland cysts

Gynecology Spring 2008

Anderson,Marina L.

The psychological / spirtiual experience of first-time mothers

Psychology: Pregnancy and Birth Winter 2008

The effect of Mars on women during reproductive experiences

Obstetrics Fall 2006

Blanchette, Yvette

Redefining GBS protocol in midwifery practice

Midwifery Fall 2007

Boyd, Melissa L.

First contact between mother and newborns

Bonding Fall 2007

Brown, Jocelyn

GBS and home birth midwives: Attitudes and informed choice

Midwifery Spring 2011

Casler, Allison

Causative effects of leep and cervical conization on cervical dilation

Gynecology Fall 2008

Cranfill, Wendy

Does the management of the nuchal cord make a difference regarding the birth outcome?

Obstetrics Circa. 2002

Dolin, Jessica

Fetal heart rate: an indication of gender?

Obstetrics Spring 2005

Echeverio, Pamela

Urinary incontinence, pelvic floor health and midwifery care

Postpartum Fall 2005

Elliott, Jess

Midwives awareness of the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine of female infertility

Chinese Medicine Winter 2011

Garner, Cristyl

Water birth, is it the idealized birth?

Waterbirth Spring 2008

Gaylord, Carrie

Unassisted childbirth

Homebirth Fall 2003

Gordon-Magnus, Melissa

Duration of lactational amenorrhea and its contributing factors

Breastfeeding July 3, 2003

Grider, Brandee

Midwifery and massage

Massage Spring 2009

Hack, Heather

Antepartum bleeding

Obstetrics Fall 2005

Head, Carli Tamar

An ancient art for modern times: rebozo use in United States midwifery

 Midwifery Spring 2008
Holloway, Kate Herbal birth control Plant Medicine Spring 2002

Howe, Kate

Women of size during the childbearing year: How can midwives best serve tem?

Midwifery Spring 2005

Jacobs, Shira

Is blue cohosh truly a safe and effective remedy?

Plant Medicine Spring 2004

Jech, Joy

The impact of vaginal exams on the length of labor

Obstetrics Spring 2007

Kenealey, Shauna

Womb ecology: the importance of purifying the modern uterine environment

Pregnancy: Fetal Environment Fall 2007

Kersey, Celeste

The effects of sexual abuse on primaparas in the homebirth setting

Psych:Pregnancy & Birth Winter 2001

Kincade, Kimerly L.

Umbilical cord care

Obstetrics Spring 2007

Kirschner, Tzipora P.

The lunar fertility cycle: a useful tool for midwives

Fertility Winter 2012

Kitt, Danielle

Cryptic Pregnancy: A new appraisal of the phenomenon of "pregnancy denial"

Pregnant women Spring 2011

Lescantz, Colette

How can homebirth midwives best resuscitate compromised newborns?

Skills August 2003

Mairs, Jessica

Perineal tearing: risk factors, protective factors, and measures taken to maintain perineal integrity

Obstetrics Winter 2006

McGraw, Rachael

Due date calculation: a comparison of three methods

Obstetrics Fall 2003

McIntosh, Kelli

Grief in the perinatal period

Psych: Loss & Grief Winter 2004

Mednick, Laurie Perron

Appreciating the tree of life: mothers' attitudes about their placentas

Medical Anthropology: General Fall 2007

Miller, Lorell S.

Trend in pregnancy length for individual women over three or more pregnancies

Obstetrics Spring 2009

Mitchell, Sonya

Group B Streptococcus

Peds: Sick/Premature Spring 2003

Moray, Susan

The breech presenting fetus: medical and midwifery approaches

Obstetrics Fall 1995

Muth, Kori L.

There are differences in management of threatened preterm labor between types of healthcare practitioners

Obstetrics Fall 2005

Nelson, Kate

Misoprostal at home: Do midwives really use it?

Pharmacology Circa. 2001

Nerenberg, Mirra Leah

Perineal trauma and blood loss outcomes on birth stools

Obstetrics Spring 2009

Olson, Kristine

Effects of the midwifery model of care on maternal mental health during the postpartum period

Postpartum Spring 2003

Pfeil, Aerlyn

The loss of traditional practices in M’Boro Senegal

Medical Anthropology: General

Winter 2008

Schroeder, Elizabeth

Birth stories, perception of risk, and effects on choices in childhood

Birth Stories Spring 2012

Sherman, Stephanie Leigh

Premature pushing urges and cervical injury: Can women trust their bodies?

Obstetrics Winter 2009

Smith, Betsy

Prenatal yoga and fetal positioning

Obstetrics Fall 2006

Smith, Emilia M.

Embodied knowledge: Body image and the choice to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding Winter 2012 

Tilley, Lynette

The current VBAC-backlash and the role of midwives

CSec/VBAC Spring 2006

Toland, Briana

Optimal birth environment and timely placental delivery

Obstetrics Spring 2007
Trudy, Angela C. Fetal/newborn consciousness and the mystery of ensoulment: how beliefs impact homebirth midwives’ care of babies during pregnancy, birth and postpartum Psych: Pregnancy & Birth Spring 2008

Warnock, Jennifer M.

Correct assessment of pelvic floor tone: a necessary component of individualized care

Midwifery Winter 2008

Watson, Ondra R.

How an understanding of the unassisted childbirth movement can help enhance the practice of holistic midwifery care

Midwifery Winter 2007

Wickizer, Nancy

Afterpains Postpartum Winter 2006

Wilkins, Erin

Direct-entry midwifery, out-of-hosptial birth and the reproductive rights agenda

Midwifery Fall 2007
Wong, Debbie

Effect of macrosomia on incidences of perineal and newborn trauma

Obstetrics Fall 2008
Wood, Monica A.

The moon’s effects on labor

Obstetrics Fall 2008

Zapp-Garcia, Jacqueline

Initial micturition in the immediate postpartum period

Postpartum Winter 2004