Faculty Resources

Links to Study Guides for Course Planning and Syllabus Preparation
  1. University of Guelph: Guides for Course Planning and Design
    Includes links to a variety of similar sites:
  2. A Slide Show of basic principles from a site about student-centered teaching, this is the shortest and simplest guide on this sheet:
  3. From the University of North Carolina, this is the longest and most detailed guide:
    (skip the introductory materials and go to page 5)
  4. From the University of Hawaii Faculty Development Teaching Tips Index. A huge list of links to a variety of useful sites for college teachers. Some relevant to Birthingway and some not.
  5. Here is a long list of links on the topic of evaluation and assessment, including how to assess student learning, how to establish learning outcomes, how to evaluate and strengthen courses, etc.:
  6.  Here's an interesting article about how to handle students' frustration with the assessment process:
  7. Myths About Fair Use:
Sobering Lessons from a High School teacher