College FAQ

Can I come visit the school?
How do I get to Birthingway?

Admissions and Graduation

How do I enter the midwifery program and when does it start?
How do you decide who gets admitted?
I do not have a high school diploma - can I still attend your school?
What is the difference between graduating with the degree and the certificate?
Why do you have prerequisites?

Classes, Credits, and Training

Can I do my clinical training out of Oregon?
Do matriculated students get preferential course registration?
What is the difference between core, supplemental, and elective classes?
Why dont you use the term Apprenticeship to describe clinical training?

Financial Matters

How much does the midwifery program cost?
What kind of financial aid do you offer?

General Education

Can I count a transferred class towards both my General Education and Midwifery program requirements?
Do I have to complete the General Education requirements for the degree before admission to Birthingway?
Do you offer General Education courses at Birthingway?
I already have a Bachelor Degree. Do I have to complete new courses to meet the General Education requirements?
The General Education requirements are so broad! Can you just tell me which classes I should take?
What are the General Education requirements?

Out of State/Distance

Do you have a distance or online program?
I want to practice in a state other than Oregon. Can I go to your school?
I want to practice in another country. If I graduate from your school, will my credentials be valid there?


Can I transfer Birthingway credits to another school?
I already have some births/clinicals. Do I still have to complete the same number of new births to graduate?
I attended college in another country. Can I transfer my courses?
I have already studied midwifery at a different school – can I transfer my classes?