Scholarship Labor Doula Program FAQ

1. What does the scholarship cover, and what are my financial obligations to the program?
2. If I am accepted into the program, what are my obligations as a scholarship recipient?
3. What is the length of the Labor Doula workshop?
4. How long does it usually take to certify?
5. How do I find clients? Does Birthingway provide referrals?
6. I have attended several births already with women in my traditional community. Can I count those towards my 8 required births?
7. What constitutes a “traditional community”?
8. Am I eligible for the Scholarship if I lived most of my life immersed in another culture that was not my own and am fluent in that culture’s language (additional to English) and I wish to serve as a doula in that culture?
9. Am I eligible if I have married a person from another culture, whose language I am fluent in (additional to English) so I can serve in that culture?