College Catalog and Student Handbook

2014-15 Birthingway Catalog and Student Handbook (850KB PDF)

If you are looking for the recommended course sequence or Student Handbook for your Matriculating Year, please go to our Documents and Forms Page for previous College Catalogs.

If you are looking for a general introduction to the school and our programs, you may find it easier to read our online Program Information. This has all the "basic" info on our school, in a more easily digestible format.

A copy of the Catalog is provided free to all admitted students, and may be purchased for $15 by others. To request a print copy of the Catalog, please mail your request and a check or money order to the school at: Birthingway College of Midwifery; 12113 SE Foster Rd; Portland, Oregon 97266.

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This school is a nonprofit corporation authorized by the State of Oregon to offer and confer the academic degree described herein, following a determination that state academic standards will be satisfied under OAR 583-030. Inquiries concerning the standards or school compliance may be directed to the Office of Degree Authorization, 1500 Valley River Drive, Suite 100, Eugene, Oregon 97401.