Labor Doula Program

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Birthingway continues to update our labor doula program. We have recently added a mentoring opportunity for labor doulas in our practicum program who want to work with a more experienced doula before attending births alone. In addition, we encourage practicum student labor doulas to attend births in pairs while in the program.

Labor Doula Certification

To complete Birthingway's Labor Doula Certificate Program, you must complete the following requirements:

  • Attend and successfully complete Birthingway's workshop "The Labor Doula: Assisting Women with Birth."
  • Apply to the Labor Doula Program
  • Enroll in the Labor Doula Program
  • Register each time to maintain enrollment status.
  • Complete the Labor Doula Practicum program.
  • Submit all required forms and documentation
  • Provide payment for all required program costs.

Labor Doula Program Cost

Application Fee $25.00
Enrollment Fee $50.00
Labor Doula Workshop Fee* $495.00
Registration Fee $55.00 per term
Technology Fee $35.00 per term
Certification Fee $50.00
Re-certification Fee $50.00

*Students are also required to purchase a course-pack. Please see registration materials for current course-pack fees..


Labor Doula Workshop

The Labor Doula Workshop is offered each term. It may be taken as a stand alone course, as the first step toward labor doula certification, and/or as a prerequisite for admission into the Midwifery Program.

The workshop is offered evenings or weekends to fit a variety of schedules. Topics include:

Baby in Pink

  • Tools for emotional support
  • How to provide continuity of care
  • Supporting mom’s process of telling her birth story
  • Tools for physical support
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Running a doula business

Labor doulas in our scholarship program have additional requirements. Inquire with the Specialized Programs Coordinator if you are bi-lingual (with English as your second language), have worked with homeless or incarcerated women and are interested in our scholarship program.

Practicum Requirements for Labor Doula Certification

Once the workshop is complete, student doulas can apply to the practicum program. Student doulas in the practicum program are required to attend and document 5 births, including some prenatal and postpartum visits.

During this process, Birthingway provides a variety of resources to support and mentor our student doulas.  Several experienced doulas are available for on-going phone or in-person mentoring support. Finally, we offer a facilitated learning circles for doulas to gain continuing education and to mentor and sustain each other.