Postpartum Doula Program

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Our postpartum doulas follow a two step process for certification, including a workshop and a mentored practicum.

Postpartum Doula Certification

Birthingway offers a Postpartum Doula Certification. Students must complete the following steps:

  • Attend and successfully complete Birthingway's postpartum doula workshop "Postpartum Doula: Supporting Transitions After Birth
  • Apply to the Postpartum Doula Program
  • Enroll in the Postpartum Doula Program
  • Register each term to maintain enrollment status.
  • Complete the Postpartum Doula practicum.
  • Submit all required forms and documentation.
  • Provide payment for all required program costs.

Postpartum Doula Certification Program Fees

Application Fee $25.00
Enrollment Fee $25.00
Workshop Fee $450.00
Registration Fee $55.00 per term
Technology Fee $35.00 per term
Certification Fee $50.00
Re-certification Fee $50.00

Postpartum Doula Program Requirements

Postpartum Doula Workshop

The workshop, which can be taken as a stand alone class or as the first step toward certification. Students are expected to complete readings before the class meets. During the workshop, students will learn about a variety of topics pertinent to the postpartum period, including:

  • Scope of practice for postpartum doulas
  • Hormones of the postpartum period and their effects
  • Infant care
  • Perinatal mood disorders
  • Tools for supporting breastfeeding
  • Various ways that birth effects the postpartum period

If students choose to certify, they will be well supported in finding leads and engaging with clients by the Program Coordinator.  Students are required to fulfill 48 hours of postpartum doula care in order to be certified.


Postpartum Doula Program for College Credit

Students may choose to take the Postpartum Doula Program for two college credits. Students choosing this route will pay the current Birthingway credit price for two credits and will be required to complete additional work. If the student is enrolled in the midwifery program, the course may count as one of their required elective courses.

Students who are not taking the program for credit may take the workshop alone or choose to move forward toward certification, completing additional homework and a mentored practicum experience over the course of an additional 10 months. Students who are taking the workshop for credit MUST complete additional homework (see syllabus for the specific homework details), but may choose whether or not to certify by completing a mentored practicum experience. The additional homework must be completed before the end of the term in which they take the workshop. If they choose to certify, they will have an additional four months in which to complete their practicum.