Lactation Consultation Pathway 3

Pathway 3: Mentored Apprenticeship
Birthingway does not offer online courses.

You must complete an approved lactation education plan under the supervision of one or more IBCLCs, all of whom have re-certified at least once to qualify for this pathway. The plan must be approved by IBLCE prior to beginning the apprenticeship.

Who would benefit? Students who are not currently in the health professions or working as a peer counselor and who have significant academic background (such as a Bachelor’s Degree or other college or university experience) and who are interested in creating a personalized plan for their supervised clinical experience.

Required Minimum Lactation Specific Clinical Hours
500 hours directly supervised by the recertified IBCLCs who are the plan supervisors and accumulated within the 5 years immediately prior to exam application.

Education in Human Lactation and Breastfeeding
See Breastfeeding Education Coursework

Health Sciences Education
Recommended for candidates who have not already studied these subjects as part of their university education.

Health Discipline Birthingway Course
Human A & P A & P
Sociology Working Cross Culturally
Nutrition Nutrition
Psychology Communication sequence
Infant & Child Dev. Infancy
Medical Terminology Medical Terminology