Midwifery Program Application Process

Admissions Committee in ActionApplying to the Midwifery Programs

Admission to Birthingway is by filling out the Midwifery Program Application. Core class size is generally limited to 16 students.Applications must be postmarked by October 15.

Submitting Your Application

Potential applicants are encouraged to visit Birthingway and observe a class, if possible, prior to submitting an application. They are also encouraged to attend our workshop, “So, You Want To Be A Midwife?” which is offered annually at Birthingway in late summer.

Class selection decisions are made in January.  Late applications will only be considered for admission if space is available after all other applicants have been considered. We recommend that applicants keep a copy of the completed application.

A completed application includes:

  • The completed Application for Admission to Midwifery Program, including your signature attesting that you meet the Technical Standards for Midwifery Integration.
  • Answers to application essay questions
  • Copy of high school transcript (not diploma), GED, or other equivalency certificate.
  • Official college transcripts from any colleges attended
  • Official transcript documenting completion of a Human Anatomy & Physiology course which meets all our requirements.*
  • Official transcript documenting completion of a Writing course which meets all our requirements.*
  • Documentation of completion of an approved labor doula workshop
  • New prerequisite: Official transcript documenting completion of a Medical Terminology course from an accredited post-secondary institution worth two or more quarter credits (or one or more semester credits) with a grade of B or better which meets all our requirements.*
  • Two written letters of recommendation (from people not related to the applicant) sent directly to Birthingway. Faxed or emailed letters are acceptable provided that signed, hard copies follow.
  • Any outstanding account balance must be paid in full
  • Pay application fee

*Students enrolled in classes to meet admission prerequisites at the time of application must provide an official transcript including the final grades no later than December 31.

Applications are checked for completeness. A letter is sent notifying applicants when all documentation has been received or if more information is needed.

Evaluation of Application

In evaluating applications, the following factors are considered:

  • Completeness and clarity of the application
  • Responses to the essay questions on the application, including correct spelling, grammar and conventions
  • Responses to interview questions
  • Meet and Greet small group input
  • Completion of all prerequisites including Technical Standards for Midwifery Integration
  • Time available to study, to be available for clinicals, etc.
  • Previous life experience which would contribute to the sensitivity and insight a good midwife needs, and which demonstrate initiative, independence, perseverance, and leadership
  • Previous experience as a birth educator, health care provider, lactation consultant, doula, or birth assistant
  • Previous study in midwifery, including attendance at midwifery conferences, workshops, meetings, apprenticeships, reading midwifery-related books and journals
  • Academic training and coursework in areas related to midwifery, such as early childhood development, genetics, nutrition, child development, psychology
  • Demonstration of commitment to midwifery as an autonomous profession through a history of membership and involvement in midwifery organizations and causes
  • Feedback from instructors regarding any coursework taken at Birthingway prior to or during the application process.

After your application is received, you will be contacted to arrange an interview time and to set you up with a currently enrolled student who will be your "buddy" through the application process.

Members of the Admissions Committee, which includes students, faculty and staff, will read each application. The Midwifery Program Coordinator will also review each file to determine if the prerequisites have been satisfactorily met.

Sometime between October 15 and the Meet and Greet (more on the Meet and Greet below) you will be scheduled for a formal interview. If you are from out-of-state, we will schedule your interview within a day or two of the Meet and Greet so that you do not have to make a special trip. The formal interview, conducted by three students and a staff member, is an opportunity for us to get to know you better and usually takes about an hour. During this same time period you should also be contacted by your “buddy”. Your buddy is an enrolled Birthingway student who is available to answer your questions about the school on a more personal level.

It is highly recommended that you attend the Meet and Greet held each year the Friday before Thanksgiving. This is a casual opportunity for you to meet most of our enrolled student body, share a meal with us, and have another (less formal) interview with students, other applicants, and Birthingway faculty and staff. Although we do not require attendance at the Meet and Greet for admission, not attending can put an applicant at a disadvantage. Because of the consensus-based nature of our selection process, the more members of the Birthingway community who have had a chance to meet with you or speak with you, the easier it is for us to make an informed decision about our invitation.

After the Meet and Greet, once all applicants have been interviewed and all prerequisites are complete, the Admissions Committee will gather to make our final selections during the first week of winter term. The invitation list will be complete shortly thereafter, at which time we will mail out letters indicating whether applicants are on the initial invitation list, the waiting list, or not accepted at that time. Applicants who are invited to join the program will receive a letter detailing deadlines by which they must enroll. If any choose not to enroll we will begin to invite the applicants on the waiting list.

A high priority is placed on applicants currently residing in communities that need or desire midwifery services. People of color are encouraged to apply.

Please read our non-discrimination statement.

  Meet and Greet Buffet