Scholarship Labor Doula Program

The Birthingway College Scholarship Labor Doula Program was created to serve the needs of mothers in the greater Portland area who do not speak English as their first/ native language and to increase career opportunities for native speakers from their cultural group.

While the support of a doula during childbirth can be extremely helpful to any woman, women who do not speak English as their first/native language often face unique challenges at the hospital including language barrier problems and discrimination based on race or class. Although doula support during childbirth can and does reach across cultural lines, many birthing women feel the most support with a doula who speaks the same language by their side. When women feel safe and get their needs met, birth outcomes are better.


With this thought in mind, Birthingway began to expand the scholarship application pool.

The scholarship is now open to students able to work in specific underserved communities where access to that population is difficult for someone outside that population. Underserved populations include:

  •  groups who speak English as a second language
  • groups defined by unique cultural, race, or ethnicity (incarcerated population, homeless population, women of color, etc.)

Students must show both enthusiasm for doula work and the ability to bring this work back to their specific communities.

Students must complete a scholarship application and submit it to the Specialized Programs Coordinator. Once accepted, the scholarship students will then enroll in the workshop and pay the appropriate fees (including half the cost of the workshop, the course-pack fees and any late fees that may apply). They will then attend and complete Birthingway's Labor Doula workshop. After completing the workshop the student is then responsible to enroll in the practicum program and attend five births in their designated communities for free (these communities are: native/non-English speaking clients, incarcerated women and homeless women).

**SPACE IS LIMITED**Birthingway will strive to provide diversity and multi-vocal trainings by not being redundant in our awards of scholarships. Applications are evaluated based on the population the scholarship student is planning to work with, and the level of need in that community population.Therefore, it is strongly encouraged to complete the application and submit it well before the registration deadline for the workshop. If the scholarship slots are full, you will continue to be considered as an applicant for the workshop offered the following term. Currently, we hold workshops every term (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter).


Birthingway College is committed to improving birth outcomes and choices for all women. The Scholaship Labor Doula Program reflects this commitment to serve diverse groups of women. We will continue to develop the program and look forward to training more doulas to assist underserved groups of women in our community. Please call the college if you or someone you know qualifies for this amazing training opportunity.